Solar Power to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

If you are planning on purchasing an electric vehicle in the near future you are not alone – consumer interest is rising fast and for good reason. Being able to fill up your car with clean electricity from the sun while it is parked at home or work is a very appealing notion.

Whatever your plans for EVs, Connect Energy can help – we can supply and install EV charging stations, as well as provide you with a suitably sized solar energy system so that you can use your solar panels to charge your EV.

Electric Vehicles in Australia

Electric vehicles are already a reality and will be more commonly seen on the streets over the coming years. The rate of increase in Australia’s electric vehicle uptake has been swift, and on the current trajectory, its predicted electric vehicles will soon become cheaper and more reliable to own than cars with internal combustion engines.

Increased Electricity Demands

As an electric vehicle owner, you will save a lot of money on traditional transport fuels. Having said that, their will be an increase in electricity consumption to charge your car. Many Energy Retailers are now offering EV Charge tariffs which are great value. However to reduce your carbon footprint further you will require a system that can generate the electricity for your electric vehicle.

The Solar Power Solution

This is where solar power steps in – the perfect match for the Electric Vehicle revolution. We will consultant with you to determine the likely usage of your electric vehicle, to work out how many solar panels will be needed for your EV charging system. The best part is we can install the solar system now, and it starts paying itself off while you consider your options for your new EV!

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

Electric industrial battery direct current and voltage power supply.

Battery Storage

Solar System Service Maintenance

Solar system service maintenance

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