Meeting Australia’s Rising Demand for Commercial Solar Energy Products, Services and Solutions

Connect Energy was established in 2015 to meet rising demand for more specialised installation services and technical expertise in the commercial solar energy sector.

Our focus on quality installations and processes has established Connect Energy as a trusted solar service provider. We now employ over 40 technical, field and support staff, completing renewable and new energy installations for both small and large scale projects right across Australia.

Solar Expertise

After working in the commercial solar industry since 2008, it was clear to the Directors that the increasing size and complexity of Commercial Solar Systems required a dedicated approach. Connect Energy has the expertise and foresight to ensure success for your commercial solar power projects.

Solar Testing

We have installed a solar test facility at our Head Office, where we track the performance of 16 leading solar panel brands. The results of this testing have helped determine and select the products that we are comfortable installing for our customers, so you can rest assured your decision will be based on proven results.

Our Benefits

Some key benefits of choosing Connect Energy for your next Large Scale Solar Project:

  • Dedicated and Experienced CEC Accredited Site Supervisors allocated to each Project
  • Project Management support from Connect Energy internal staff for the duration of the Project
  • A positive company culture focused on Quality, Safety, Site Management and Customer Service
  • Digitisation and Control of Key Site Documents and Processes using 4G Mobile Devices
  • High Visibility of Site Safety and General Site Policy compliance, electronic records submitted
  • Project progress is tracked weekly and measured against targets
Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

Electric industrial battery direct current and voltage power supply.

Battery Storage

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Solar System Service Maintenance

Solar system service maintenance

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Are You Ready to Invest in Solar? Contact Our Team for Commercial Solar Energy in Australia On 1800 226 663.

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