Connect Energy For Your Home Or Business

In a relatively short space of time, Solar Power has grown from a rather expensive and obscure alternative power source, to one that is rapidly changing the nature of the global energy sector.

With prices dropping by as much as 80% in the last decade, and energy conversion technologies ever increasing, we are now at the point where the economics have become appealing, and as such Solar Power has now moved firmly to the main stream

At Connect Energy we are proud to be playing a part in this historical shift – from centralised energy production, to a world where energy users can effectively contribute and efficiently generate their own power at the same place they will use it

Our mission is to enable the increased uptake and deployment of Residential Solar Power, in order to help move us all to a cleaner and more renewable energy future.

We are conscious that to be successful, Solar Power must deliver on its promises – value, reliability, longevity and functionare all objectives which must be considered.

It is with these objectives in mind that we have put together our range of solar panels, products and services, with what we believe to be the right combination of value and quality in order deliver an ROI which is compelling and consistent.

Call us on 1800 2 CONNECT (1800 226 663), or email to book a complimentary assessment and to learn how Solar Power & Battery Storage can benefit your home or business.

Connect Energy. It’s what we do.

Commercial Solar Power

Connect energy assures Commercial solar installation success by:

  • Building and training dedicated profession installation teams
  • Providing accurate project timelines
  • Experience and expertise in commercial installation
  • Commitment to safety and the health of workers
Residential Solar Power

At Connect Energy we ensure a quality installation of solar on your home is guaranteed by the following:

  • Utilizing employed installation teams.
  • Producing home-specific system designs to assure the customer’s needs are met.
  • Experienced and professional work ensure the safety of your home
  • Commitment to safe working procedures