Solar Battery Installation

Batteries have been a viable option for energy storage in many applications for more than a century. However only through recent technological advances are they now able to be utilised in areas where previously the constraints of size, weight and capacity were restrictive.

Lighter materials, denser energy ratios and improved charge and discharge efficiencies have now opened up numerous mobile and fixed storage applications such as battery power tools, remote power supplies, grid support, electric cars, and more recently the storage of renewable energy for later use.

When coupled with a Solar Power system, these new batteries store excess Energy generated during the day by your solar panels and release it for use at night– overcoming the obvious shortfall in having Solar Panels on their own. It truly is a game-changer.

At Connect Energy we are proud to be playing a part in this historical shift – from centralised energy production, pouring power out into a grid network – to a world where energy users can efficiently generate, store and use their own power on site – 24/7. We can install Solar battery storage systems to your home or workplace to help you utilise more of your solar energy.

Our mission is to enable the increased uptake and deployment of distributed Battery Systems, in order to help move us all to a cleaner and more renewable energy future.

We are conscious that to be successful and viable energy alternative, Battery Systems must deliver on their promise – value, reliability, longevity and function are all objectives which must be considered.

It is with these objectives in mind that we have put together our range of products and services, with what we believe to be the right combination of value and quality in order deliver an ROI which is compelling and consistent.

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